In the fight to protect civil rights...
These cases could change everything.

The Supreme Court reaffirmed the ability of universities to use race as a factor in admissions in order to achieve diversity, but decided to send Fisher v. UT Austin back to a lower court for closer scrutiny. The university's use of race in admissions can only be justified if there are "no available, workable, race-neutral alternatives.

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The Supreme Court's decision today to strike down a key part of the Voting Rights Act takes the most powerful tool our nation has to defend minority voting rights out of commission.

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Best case
for civil rights:

The court declares that the
NYPD's enforcement of criminal
trespass laws in NYC public
housing is unconstitutional,

issues an injunction, and declares
that NYPD can only stop or arrest
individuals for trespass with
sufficient legal basis.

Worst case for
civil rights:

The court rules that the
NYPD's trespass enforcement
policy and practice in NYC
public housing are constitutional

and the practice continues.

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