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Goal: $10,000

Funding duration:  September 9, 2013 - October 18, 2013 (11:55pm CST).

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$5     Privacy Advocate 

$10   Educational Funder

$30   Privacy Activist - You want privacy!  You want to do something about it but aren't sure what.  Donate $30 and we will tweet your name in gratitude.

$50   PPR Momentum Maker - You are helping PPR educate the public about how to protect themselves.  Donate $50 and we will list you as a "Momentum Maker" and tweet our thanks.

$100  Privacy Champion - Congratulations!  You know what you believe in and you are ready to fight for it!  Become a privacy champion by donating $100 and you'll get a free copy of the Louis D. Brandeis biography by Melvin Urofsky. We'll also list you as a "Privacy Champion" and tweet our thanks.

$500  Privacy Warrior - You are in it 100% and are as dedicated as they come.  Donate $500 or more to PPR and ensure that PPR has the tools and the people necessary to continue being a true influence to both individuals and to members of Congress to protect our medical privacy.  Donations at this level will win you a dinner with Dr. Deborah Peel, the Founder and Chair of PPR.

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