Leader Applicant Store

We have put into one place all of the items you may need  or want to purchase in relation to your leader applicancy. We hope this makes things easier. If you are having any technical problems please email Stephanie Petters at memberships@attachmentparenting.org. If you are in need of clarifaction of any item below please contact Lisa Feiertag at leaderapplicants@attachmentparenting.org. Thank you for your interest in becoming an API leader!

If you are purchasing the combination of your leader applicant fee along with API membership please include the following items in the Notes field so that your membership can be processed immediately: Full name, mailing address, email address, and journal delivery choice (postal or electronic). Right now our combination packages are incorporating the prices of the $15 membership special.

Leader Applicant Deposit Fee

A $20 deposit for the leader applicant process.


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Leader Dues

Pay your leader dues here.


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Support Group Affiliation Fee

Support group affiliation annual fee.


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European Support Group Affiliation Fee

Support group affiliation annual fee $25 U.S.


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Canadian Support Group Affiliation Fee

New support group that is forming in the months of Oct, Nov, and Dec of current year. Also, support group who is renewing for next year. Support group affiliation renewal will be in Sep of next year.


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Leader Application Fee

The Leader Application Fee is $50. Upon accreditation, $20 is returned to the Leader to use toward new Support Group fees, Leader dues, the Support Group library, or as preferred.


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