“Everyone has a different obstacle but that does not mean that they do not have the right to succeed. An obstacle is nothing but a road block and a person must learn how to create a detour around it.”

– Yesenya, 2013 College Summit Peer Leader of the Year

Students like Yesenya grow up in low-income communities where high school students aren’t expected to go to college. These students face all kinds of obstacles to a brighter future.

College Summit is providing schools in low-income communities with innovative tools needed to help these young people navigate the road to college and career success.

How your donation to a student like Yesenya helps:

  1. With a four-year degree, Yesenya stands to earn, on average, $1 million more in her lifetime than her peers who only achieve a high school diploma.
  2. As a college graduate, Yesenya will stay healthier, contribute more to the U.S. economy, vote, and volunteer more.
  3. For every 10% increase in a region’s college attainment level, wages increase at every level by 8%.

Donating to College Summit ensures students like Yesenya are equipped to create detours around whatever roadblocks they might encounter. You can create real change in America’s neediest communities.

Donate now.

For more information on supporting College Summit, please contact:

Kami Spicklemire
Development Coordinator
(202) 319-1763 ext. 303, kspicklemire@collegesummit.org

Contributions to College Summit, Inc., a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, are tax-deductible.

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