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Thank you for getting active with World Day for Farmed Animals, coordinated by Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)!

  • If you plan on hosting an educational event or protest, please fill out the fields below and check out our Action Guidance.
  • If you would rather attend or volunteer at an event already being hosted, please check out our Events Directory. 

When you host an event, we will send you all the materials you need (at no cost to you!) including leaflets, stickers, posters, a banner, and more. Please be sure to include your entire mailing address, including your apartment number (if applicable) in order to receive materials on time.

Even if you haven't finalized your plans*, submit this form today so we can get in touch with you and help you get started. Once you have registered your event, expect a phone call from FARM's National Grassroots Coordinator to confirm your event details and requested materials.

*Please note that under "Details for your Event", all fields are required. If you are unsure of the details, fill out your best approximation - you can always come back and edit later!

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