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With an annual budget of more than $65 million, the NRA’s fleet of lobbyists descends on Capitol Hill every April to pressure

our elected officials into voting for unsavory policies that benefit the NRA's corporate members at the public's expense.
In a startling example of its power, the NRA has been the leading player in blocking wage increases for restaurant workers,

helping to keep the federal tipped minimum wage at $2.13 since 1991.
This year, ROC United and our allies are coming to Capitol Hill to tell our elected representatives that millions of

want the NRA out of the halls of Congress.
Help us bring the voice of thousands to Capitol Hill by signing our petition today.

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7245 21 hours ago Anonymous
7244 1 day ago Jim Bloyd Restaurant workers need social justice: they create the vast wealth of the corporations. Congress should represent the people of the US, not private corporations.
7243 1 week ago Brian Venable
7242 2 weeks ago Anonymous The large corporations that license franchises are making lots of money, from what I can see at the SEC filings. It just does not make sense to mistreat your employees and serve food that is minima...
7241 2 weeks ago Lindsey Skrdlant I worked in the restaurant industry for 7 years. I dealt with sexual harassment on a daily basis. I also dealt with low pay and gender discrimination on both pay and promotion opportunities.
7240 2 weeks ago Deborah Bratcher
7239 4 weeks ago Anonymous Because I have worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years. Because I have attended one of the world's best culinary schools. Because I am a graduate student of food systems and study their effec...
7238 4 weeks ago PHILLIP BETTS
7237 1 month ago Audrey Lloyd I think a society full of millions of underpaid people is a society heading toward continual decline. It's a society that cannot grow, become strong or fulfill the potential and dreams of the major...
7236 1 month ago Caleb Hall
7235 1 month ago WILLIAM WITTENBERG
7234 1 month ago Danielle Orellana Please stand up for the rights of American underclass. These are human rights.
7233 1 month ago Anonymous
7232 1 month ago natasha salgado
7231 1 month ago Freya Harris Our current minimum wage is not a living wage. Many restaurant workers have other mouths to feed, and must rely on public assistance such as food stamps in order to make ends meet. Keeping wages low...
7230 1 month ago AniMaeChi drabic
7229 1 month ago Kathleen Beavin
7228 1 month ago Shiho Fujii
7227 1 month ago Christina Warrington I was a waitress years ago & no one can live on those wages. Corporations should not be the decision maker on restaurant wages. These workers need fair pay !
7226 1 month ago Sean Tousey-Pfarrer Human and other important rights are being denied by corporate profiteering. This must end.
7225 1 month ago Sofia Karvouna
7224 1 month ago Holly Rankin
7223 1 month ago Leslie Looser
7222 1 month ago Kirsten Turner
7221 1 month ago Katie Adams
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