Tell Congress: Respect Venezuela!

US on brink of ordering sanctions against Venezuela: Act Now!

A bill before the US Senate “urges the President to immediately impose targeted sanctions, including visa bans and asset freezes, against individuals planning, facilitating, or perpetrating gross human rights violations against peaceful demonstrators, journalists, and other members of civil society in Venezuela;”

On March 5, the US House passed a nearly unanimous resolution sponsored by ultra-right Republican Ileana Ros-Lethinen “inexcusable violence perpetrated against opposition leaders and protesters in Venezuela,” and called for governments and organizations in the region to stand in solidarity with protestors. The Congressional Progressive Caucus members voted in favor of the resolution which had only one no vote.

Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, citing a high-level State Department official said that President Obama “is looking at” sanctions.

Solidarity activists must respond quickly to reverse the disinformation that is causing even our expected Congressional allies to go along with the right-wing and US government “regime change” strategy in Venezuela. The situation is more dangerous than it has been for years and we must immediately let our elected representatives know that we oppose US intervention and will be watching them closely. Please send the following message to your Senators and Representative, or modify it in your own words. Be sure to include the excellent article by Dr. Miguel Tinker- Salas as an antidote to the corporate press disinformation.

And don’t stop there. Continue to call and write your elected representatives with factual information to combat this intense campaign of disinformation. Reliable sources are the Center for Economic Policy Research and Venezuelanalysis

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