SFA Sustainable Food Program

Ready to Learn Sustainable Food Production?

SFA has stepped forward to support an award-winning beginning farmer educational program, Sustainable Food Production, which formerly was a part of M State Fergus Falls. The Sustainable Food Production program will now continue as a program under the SFA umbrella.

Sustainable Food Production is a much-needed beginning-farmer curriculum that emphasizes all three tenets of sustainability, plus provides extensive skills training. A unique aspect of SFP is its commitment to community development and mentoring, a perfect fit with SFA's farmer-to-farmer network.

Instructors are all farmer-educators: Dr. Sue Wika, Tom Prieve, and Kent Solberg. Each possesses both real-world experience and the educational background to provide comprehensive sustainable food production education. The classes will take place at farms northwest of Alexandria, Minn.

Prospective students seeking more information about the Sustainable Food Production program should fill out the form below, and someone from the Sustainable Food Production program will contact you.