Lenovo announces new products, but needs to do more to take back the old ones

Computer giant Lenovo has already announced all kinds of new computers for 2011 - new Thinkpads, IdeaPads, and their new tablet LePad (to compete with the iPad).  They are the fastest growing computer company in the world, posting record profits last quarter.

So while Lenovo seems to be doing a great job selling new products, they are not doing much to take back and recycle their old ones.  In fact they earned a D Minus on our Recycling Report Card last fall for their U.S. takeback progam.  That's just not acceptable for the 4th largest computer company in the world. 

While Lenovo says they are committed to providing "green leadership,"  they are not showing it so far with their takeback program.

Please take a minute to send a letter to their USA CEO, Rory Read,  to let him know that you expect better from Lenovo.  Feel free to modify the sample letter if you like.


Rory Read

President and CEO, Lenovo