Support the Illinois Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights

Domestic workers play a critical role in the Illinois economy and care for what is most precious to us: our children, our sick and elderly parents, family members with disabilities, and our homes.  Despite the value of their work, domestic workers have historically been excluded from the employment laws and benefits most of us take for granted.  This has led to a workforce—predominantly composed of women—that is isolated, overworked, and vulnerable.

It’s time that domestic workers receive employment protections.  The Illinois Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights (SB 1708) will correct these past failings.  Provisions include the right to be paid no less than the minimum wage, to be paid for all work hours, to have at least one day off a week, and to have paid time off.

The bill is at a critical moment: it has been voted out of the Senate Labor Committee and has moved to the full Senate floor to be voted on by April 25, 2013.  Tell your state senator that it’s time to treat domestic work like the real work that it is- ask him or her to vote for the Illinois Domestic Worker Bill of Rights Act.

Domestic Workers

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