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On Tuesday, October 29, Safer Chemicals advocates from across the country will gather outside the US Capitol and online across the country to send a message to Congress: chemical reform can’t wait!

You can be a part of this historic day from anywhere! 

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Number Date Name What drives your fight for ...
823 8 months ago michelle bienick
822 9 months ago Faith Emerson We can't afford to sit idly by as corporate greed saturates our environment with toxins and toxic waste. I am also concerned about Fukushima's alarming affect on the world! We all share this beautif...
821 9 months ago Donna Crane
820 9 months ago max mensing
819 9 months ago Anonymous I lost my mother to cancer!!!!!!
818 9 months ago Laura Hanks
817 9 months ago Claudia Hall
816 9 months ago Liz kemper My twin boys were both born with multiple issues and we still deal with these today. Epilepsy, Autism and multiple food allergies. I want to do my part for better health not just for my family but f...
815 9 months ago Amanda Sloane
814 9 months ago Anonymous To create a safe environment for all of us.
813 9 months ago Anonymous Toxins in the environment are harming the health of our children, our elderly, and all the rest of us!
812 9 months ago Maryanne Preli
811 9 months ago Mary Ann Constans Cancer, emphazema, birth defects - why would we allow bad air to expose us to these diseases?
810 9 months ago Laura Raymond A healthier future for our kids and our planet.
809 9 months ago Anonymous
808 9 months ago Janet Kuykendall
807 9 months ago Tateana Turner
806 9 months ago Gary McCuen
805 9 months ago Casey Schnaible
804 9 months ago David Maceira I've lost family members to cancer.
803 9 months ago Kathleen Jones` Clean air, water and soil maximizes the good health of everyone.
802 9 months ago Lucy Keenan Buildup of cancer causing chemicals in body fat and fetuses!
801 9 months ago Marjorie Kundiger I've had cancer
800 9 months ago Nadia Sindi I've some members of my family who either died or fighting cancer!
799 9 months ago Maye Thompson I am so concerned about what my kids are exposed to, often without knowing it. And I am learning more about how these chemicals affect us as we age. Exisitng laws need to be enforced, and strengthen...
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