Join our Stroller Brigade on Capitol Hill

Plan to spend Tuesday, October 29 with Safer Chemicals advocates from across the country as we send a message to Congress: chemical reform can’t wait!

We’ll gather on the Capitol Lawn starting at 9:30 AM. Throughout the day, our advocates will meet with Senators and Representatives to share new product testing information, talk about their struggle to buy toxic-free at their local retailer and how the outdated laws must go!

This petition has a goal of 100 signatures
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Number Date Name What drives your fight for ...
53 1 year ago Kimberly Palombo
52 1 year ago Anonymous
51 1 year ago Anonymous To provide ALL children a chance for a less toxic life, prevention of developmental disorders, cancer and autoimmune diseases.
50 1 year ago Anonymous Education of the public!
49 1 year ago Anonymous
48 1 year ago Anonymous You all know that the current proposed legislation is a joke. It needs to be stronger. Chemicals that are known to be harmful should not be allowed to be in everyday consumer products. I want my two...
47 1 year ago Anonymous I want to protect the health of my 10-month old daughter and don't want her to have to constantly check labels on products.
46 1 year ago Anonymous I am joining the Stroller Brigade for Safer Chemicals in Washington, DC on October 29th thru this email. I am joining hundreds of other parents and health advocates for a press conference and ral...
45 1 year ago Joyce Stein I'm a neonatal intensive care nurse and worry about the health effects of toxic chemicals on neonates and pregnant women!
44 1 year ago Anonymous
43 1 year ago Robin Saha Environmental justice for all!
42 1 year ago Laura Henderson
41 1 year ago DORA ODUOR To voice the silence of detrimental toxins-- be a part of an informed safer environment consciousness-raising society.
40 1 year ago Rachel Hinde I choose to invest in wellness, not illness! Citizens of the U.S deserve to live in a country in which their elected officials look out for them, opposed to looking out for corporate gain.
39 1 year ago Anonymous
38 1 year ago Anonymous Safer environment for our kids!
37 1 year ago Reinaldo Alfonso I have three children, 2 of which suffer from chronic illnesses
36 1 year ago Delmar Bennett Fighting to protect our children's environment and health
35 1 year ago Caia LACOUR
34 1 year ago Janice Clea New education about the issue and knowledge of the lack of protection we are afforded. Something needs to change. In order for that to occur, we have to unite and move forward.
33 1 year ago Susan Gage
32 1 year ago Dina Gohar I'm tired of shopping taking hours because I have to read every single ingredient on labels to ensure my health. The burden should not be on consumers to determine what products are safe to consume ...
31 1 year ago Paxson Barker My clinical nursing career was ended due to chronic exposure to diinfectants in the cardiac catheterization lab resulting in work-related asthma and RADS
30 1 year ago Katie Huffling As a nurse, I want to prevent disease, not just treat it. Safer chemicals are key to prevention!
29 1 year ago Nicole Shortlidge I'm a mother of four and I want them to live healthy and naturally.
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