Don't Leave the Money on the Table

Our lawmakers can accept $43 billion over the next ten years to expand coverage to 700,000 folks.

It would save lives, save taxpayers $848 million, protect hospitals, create 40,000 new jobs, stimulate $5 billion in economic growth. (more here).

Opponents of health care reform want us to leave this money on the table. Meanwhile states all around us (OH, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD..)  accepting billions made available under health reform to expand coverage. 

The majority of Pennsylvanians want our lawmakers to do the commonsense thing and accept these federal funds.

Make sure they listen to us. Sign the petition below. Then share it widely!


We, the undersigned, call on Governor Corbett and our lawmakers to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity Pennsylvania has to bring health care coverage to approximately 613,000 Pennsylvanians by expanding our Medicaid program. Expand Medicaid in 2014!
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