SUCCESS! NY's Domestic Violence Victims Now Have More Time to Stay Safe in Shelters

Give Domestic Violence Victims More Time to Stay in Shelters

THANK YOU for your support! Because of you, domestic violence victims in New York State will now have more time to stay safe in domestic violence shelters!

In October 2012, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill to give domestic violence victims and families living in domestic violence shelters more time to get the help and safety they need.

Bill A.2651/S.6308-A extends the maximum amount of days that a victim of domestic violence, along with her or his family, can stay in a domestic violence shelter. Previously, the maximum number of days was 135 (a 90-day stay with a possible 45-day extension); the new bill extends the days to 180 (90 days with two 45-day extension options). The extended amount of time can be crucial for victims who urgently need emergency resources and gives them more opportunities to receive job training, housing and financial assistance, and other tools for support in addition to shelter.

Our supporters sent hundreds of letters in support of this lifesaving bill to Governor Cuomo, urgining him to help victims and their families through crucial emergency housing. Because of you, the law has been passed - and will take effect starting in spring of 2013.

We thank you for your overwhelming encouragement - and for helping to move victims of domestic violence from crisis to confidence!