ACT NOW: Help Get the REAL VAWA Passed!

Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act Campaign

It's time to stop making victims of domestic violence and sexual assault a casualty of politics. It's time to get the REAL Violence Against Women Act reauthorized.

For almost 20 years, the Violence Against Women Act has made a lifesaving difference for individuals and families affected by domestic violence and sex crimes, giving thousands of victims their chance to find help, hope, and advocacy through law enforcement, the court system, and community services. In April 2012, the U.S. Senate voted 68-31 to ensure that VAWA would continue to exist - and that it would also help LGBTQ and immigrant victims find the same protections from violence and abuse.

Yet the House version threatens to derail the hard-won efforts and successes of advocates, law enforcement, and organizations like Safe Horizon to break the cycles of violence and to give victims of domestic violence and rape critically-needed support. It will also exclude more victims who deserve the same chance to find the urgent help they need - putting their lives and even the lives of their families at risk.

Don't let victims lose this lifesaving legislation. Join Safe Horizon to support getting the REAL Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act passed.

You can make a difference. Contact your House representative today and let them know you support victims of domestic and sexual violence. Let them know you want to see the VAWA Reauthorization Act passed because victims, no matter their orientation or status, deserve protection and help - and because VAWA can save thousands more lives.