Tell your Senators: Please vote for all 29 pending judicial nominees NOW

On January 16 the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance 29 judicial nominations to the Senate floor (You can see the full list here).  Nineteen of the nominees were approved by unopposed voice vote for federal district court judgeships.  It wasn’t that long ago that confirmation of such nominees by the full Senate was routine—and took less than 60 seconds.

But that was before Senate Republicans decided that undermining President Obama for political gain was more important than a well-functioning judiciary.  Even now, with changes in Senate rules, Republicans can stall the process for days, perhaps weeks, dragging out the time to vote on each nominee.

Fifteen of these judgeships have been vacant for more than a year; eight of the vacancies are judicial emergencies.  Tell your Senators Americans should not have to wait another day for justice.  Tell them you want all 29 nominees confirmed, and confirmed NOW.


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