A Code of Conduct for the Court

The reputation and integrity of the Supreme Court is at risk.

Some justices seem willing to ignore basic ethics rules that govern the federal judiciary.

  • Justice Alito has headlined fundraisers for right-wing groups such as the American Spectator magazine.
  • Justices Scalia and Thomas attended political strategy and fundraising conferences hosted by the ultra-conservative billionaire Koch brothers, and allowed their names to be used to draw attendees.
  • Justice Thomas maintains a relationship with conservative funder Harlan Crow that stretches the appearance of unethical behavior beyond the breaking point.

This behavior would be deemed inappropriate under the Code of Conduct for United States Judges – but the Code applies to all federal judges except the justices of the Supreme Court.  

The justices of the Supreme Court should not be exempt from the kinds of rules that govern all other federal judges. Act now to preserve the independence and integrity of our nation’s highest court!

Legal experts have already called upon the Court to voluntarily take this vital step in reforming its ethics practices. They've been joined by thousands of everyday Americans and several prominent members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. But the Court has failed to act.

So now Senators Chris  Murphy and Michael Blumenthal of Connecticut, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and Rep. Louise Slaughter of New York have introduced the Supreme Court Ethics Act of 2013.  The Act simply would require the Supreme Court to adopt a code of conduct.

Send a message to your senators and representatives asking them to support the Supreme Court Ethics Act.