HIT Committees are making Decisions for YOU

It is your turn to tell the Health IT Policy and Standards Committees what YOU want out of Health IT.  These select people are deciding how YOUR information will go digital.  Wouldn't you like a say?

At the end of the day it is the patient who opts to share his/her personal information with a provider, and it is the patient who must be confident that electronic health record systems (EHRs) can be trusted. Please ensure patients' rights and interests ahead of all others. More specifically:

* Require audit trails sooner rather than later,
* Ensure the patient is in control of who has access to his/her records,
* Reinstate the patient's "right to consent",
* Ensure meaningful public participation, engaging the public before committee meetings, and
* Ensure the patient perspective is prominently represented.

Ensuring my personal health information is protected and under my control is the most meaningful criteria for EHRs that I can conceive. This is about my private health records and my taxpayer dollars. Thank you for your consideration.

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