Campaign for Prescription Privacy

Your prescription data is FOR SALE.  Would you wear your medical prescriptions and health conditions emblazoned on your shirt for all the world to see? Take your health data "off the market" by signing the Campaign for Prescription Privacy Petition below.

Dear Pharmacy Chain:

Take my prescription data "off the market".

We are aware that this chain of pharmacies regularly sells the personally identifiable information for every drug dispensed.

NO ONE has ever given informed consent for their personal prescription information to be collected or sold to insurers and employers. NO ONE has ever been given the right to opt out of this data base.

We rely heavily on prescription medications to heal us. Our drugs are as good as our diagnosis. Prescription regimens should remain a private matter between the patient, the doctor, and the dispensing pharmacist alone.

Insurance companies may require access to some of our information for payment, but should never use our prescription records for any other use or for sale without consent.

We ask you to stop this practice voluntarily before Congress bans this practice by law. Take our health data ‘off the market.’


cc: Every Member of Congress
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Visit the Campaign for Prescription Privacy to view the Video and see other information about pharmacies, prescriptions, data mining and more.