Demand the FDA take action to include women in clinical trials!

For decades, health research was done on men and the results were assumed to apply to women.  We were treated as if we were just smaller versions of a male body.  Ridiculous!

Women’s health activists drew attention to that problem more than 20 years ago, and as a result things have started to change in the research world.  But many clinical trials of drugs and medical devices still fail to include enough women and people of color to provide the information we need to make informed decisions about the medical products available to us.  How can you know whether a drug or device will improve your health if there weren’t enough women in the trial evaluating its safety and effectiveness to analyze possible gender differences?

Now, as directed by the new law we helped put in place, the FDA is developing an Action Plan to improve the data it gets about medical products for women.  And we need your help again. Please sign our petition and tell the FDA to develop a strong Action Plan that will improve women’s health by requiring companies to include women in clinical trials, evaluate the evidence based on sex, and make that information available to women!

271 total signers.