Egypt Update: Continued call for women’s rights to be integrated in post-revolution Egypt

Equality Now has just issued an update to Women’s Action 38.1 (July 2011) – Egypt: Ensure women’s rights are integrated in post-revolution Egypt. Despite the promise of the early political changes in Egypt, which inspired the belief that a newly democratic country would include women as full social and political partners, Egyptian women rather fear further deterioration of their rights. Marching in Cairo on International Women’s Day, 8 March, they are calling again for implementation of the Egyptian Women’s Charter, drawn up last year by more than 3,000 women and endorsed by half a million Egyptian citizens, both men and women. Equality Now supports the continuing efforts of Egypt’s women to hold Egyptian authorities accountable for the promotion and protection of their human rights. Since June 2011, women have lost seats in Parliament and presently there are only three women in the Cabinet. Please join us in urging the Egyptian authorities to realize the following demands being made by Egyptian women at the march: 

1. Achieve equality among all citizens, women and men, in the provisions of the constitution and all laws, and create mechanisms that will ensure their proper implementation and recourse for any violations.
2. Ensure gender equality and fair representation of qualified and experienced women in the committee that will write the new constitution.
3. Take appropriate measures to ensure fair political participation of women at all levels of decision-making: in political parties, trade unions and state institutions.
4. Preserve the social and economic rights achieved by women in their previous struggles and ensure their ability to attain them.
5. Comply with all international treaties that protect the rights of women, children and human beings in general, and work on lifting reservations to the CEDAW convention.
6. Establish full citizenship rights and the rule of law that will lead to the revocation of all forms of discrimination based on sex, age, marital status, class, ideological affiliation, etc.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here