Saudi Arabia: Women under Perpetual Guardianship of Male Relatives

Equality Now welcomes the reunification, in February 2010, of Fatima Bent Suleiman and Mansour El Timani, following a decision by the Saudi Supreme Judiciary Council to overturn their forced divorce, but we remain concerned that this decision might not apply to other similar cases in the Kingdom and does not eradicate the system or the practice of male guardianship. Due to this system, women in Saudi Arabia are vulnerable to a wide range of discrimination in both private and public life and have very little decision-making authority and freedom of movement. Equality Now calls on the Saudi government to ensure that the Saudi legal and judicial system reflect the stated claim that women are not subject to male guardianship and to support the establishment of a codified personal status law to guarantee the rights of women in marriage, divorce and all other aspects of life.

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