Take Action to End Early Marriage in Yemen

Yemen: End early marriages by enacting and enforcing a minimum age of marriage law

In the past month, Equality Now has been informed of a number of cases of young Yemeni girls who have suffered the harmful consequences of early and forced marriages. The Yemeni parliament may soon consider a bill fixing a minimum age of marriage for girls at 17 years. Equality Now calls upon the Yemeni government of Yemen to live up to its obligations under international law and pass a law prohibiting early marriage with penalties for those in violation.

Below is a form letter that you can send simply by writing your name and email address. We believe that individual letters can often have more impact than “form” ones and we encourage you to customize your email messages and letters if you have time. Equally, if you send the letter yourself rather than through Equality Now, it is possible that it could be noticed more easily. We invite you to customize and submit the letters below (that Equality Now will send on your behalf), or to customize, print and mail these sample letters that we have created for your convenience.

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