Global: End child marriage

Over the next ten years more than 140 million girls will be married before their 18th birthday.

- United Nations Population Fund

Since 1995, Equality Now has been working to end the violent and abusive practice of child marriage. It is a human rights violation, often following from and leading to further human rights violations. When a young girl is married and gives birth, the vicious cycle of poverty, poor health, curtailed education, violence, instability, disregard for rule of law and legal and other discrimination often continues into the next generation, especially for any daughters she may have.

At the top levels of the United Nations, as well as by human rights organizations and civil society, ending child marriage has been identified as an important target in ending poverty and creating sustainable development. Therefore, as governments discuss new post 2015 development frameworks, the time is now for a global commitment to end child, early and forced marriage.

Please sign our petition below calling on governments to work together to make the elimination of child marriage a global priority. Equality Now will deliver the petition to all governments attending the June 2014 UN Human Rights Council session and other high level UN meetings where child marriage and post 2015 development agendas will be addressed.

To learn more, read our report Protecting the Girl Child: Using the Law to End Child, Early and Forced Marriage and Related Human Rights Violations.



Child marriage is a human rights violation, often following from and leading to further human rights violations under the guise of culture, honor, tradition, and religion. Child marriage must be comprehensively and strategically addressed in any post-2015 development framework.

We call on your government to include the abolition of child marriage in any post-2015 development framework and support all efforts to end this human rights violation so that the rights of at risk girls will be protected, and so that the communities in which they live can thrive.
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    2255 Mon Nov 24 07:54:13 EST 2014 Enoka Fernandopulle Nugegoda, ot , LK
    2254 Sun Nov 23 18:35:48 EST 2014 Ivette Benitez Sultan, WA , US
    2253 Sun Nov 23 17:59:15 EST 2014 Anonymous Savannah, US These aren't marriages. They're acts of Pedophilia and Child Abuse; and these practices need to be outlawed immediately, with lengthy prison-time for violations,
    2252 Sat Nov 15 11:24:44 EST 2014 Lorraine Green Oakville, ON , CA
    2251 Wed Nov 12 04:59:33 EST 2014 alyssa clements effort, PA , US
    2250 Mon Nov 10 22:06:34 EST 2014 Anonymous Perth, Select a state , AU Please help these poor girls. Life shouldnt be so hard for anyone.
    2249 Mon Nov 10 13:54:18 EST 2014 Ronda Wright-Phipps Alfred, NY , US
    2248 Mon Nov 10 10:52:13 EST 2014 Alyssa Sanchez Boone, US
    2247 Tue Nov 04 23:00:42 EST 2014 Ritsa Panagis Playa Vista, CA , US
    2246 Tue Nov 04 17:04:12 EST 2014 Lucia Menchi Donoratico, IT+16 , IT
    2245 Tue Nov 04 09:01:00 EST 2014 roberta carrara
    2244 Mon Nov 03 09:55:51 EST 2014 Anonymous IT+09 , IT
    2243 Sat Nov 01 19:53:28 EDT 2014 Steve Smith San Antonio , TX , US Pedophilia is unjust and will never be right in whatever shape or form. This is another form of pedophilia and it must be stopped, it's wrong if done to girls or boys or anyone. It must be stopped!
    2242 Sat Nov 01 19:39:03 EDT 2014 Fr. Paul Ewers, MCCJ. Covina, Select a state , US
    2241 Sat Nov 01 08:05:09 EDT 2014 Valentino Benigna São Luís - MA, BR
    2240 Fri Oct 31 23:49:16 EDT 2014 angela mccart melbourne, Select a state , AU
    2239 Fri Oct 31 08:54:52 EDT 2014 Catherine Whittle Global City, IE Children should be protected, not used as a tool of barter
    2238 Thu Oct 30 14:28:54 EDT 2014 Louise Gappa Seattle, WA , US
    2237 Wed Oct 29 22:02:14 EDT 2014 Kelli Warwood Detroit, MI , US
    2236 Wed Oct 29 17:58:37 EDT 2014 Anonymous leamington, GB+P3 , GB This is not marriage - it is an abuse of male adult power and the sexual abuse of girl children
    2235 Wed Oct 29 09:49:54 EDT 2014 Yoommy Nam Sydney, NSW , AU
    2234 Wed Oct 29 08:30:53 EDT 2014 Jennifer Davis US
    2233 Tue Oct 28 20:44:13 EDT 2014 Anonymous US
    2232 Tue Oct 28 19:24:55 EDT 2014 Lucy Hall PA , US
    2231 Tue Oct 28 19:00:20 EDT 2014 Louise Sjömark Norrköping, SE+16 , SE
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    For additional information, please download Equality Now’s report, Protecting the Girl Child: Using the Law to End Child, Early and Forced Marriage and Related Human Rights Violations (January 2014).