Egypt: Stop Sexual Violence against Women Demanding their Rights

Equality Now has just issued an update to Action 38.1 (July 2011) – Egypt: Ensure women’s rights are integrated in post-revolution Egypt.

   Protesters campaigning in Tahrir Square; t-shirt slogan: “Voice it Out, Don’t Be Silent.” ©Zain El Abdeen Fou’ad
Since the revolution of early 2011, women, including women’s rights activists, continue to pay a steep price for demanding their rights. Seemingly organized mobs have been actively seeking out and attacking women campaigning in public spaces. Testimony from women and men who have gone to Tahrir Square to peacefully advocate for an inclusive and representative government, exposes how women have been mauled by gangs, possibly coordinated by government officials, which they believe are aimed at discouraging women’s participation and silencing their voices. According to a report of testimonies compiled by the Egypt-based New Woman Foundation, Nazra for Feminist Studies and the El-Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture, more than 20 women were attacked on 25 January 2013 alone in and around Tahrir Square. This increase in the number of gender-based violent incidents occurring in public during political protests is extremely disturbing.

Please join us in urging the Egyptian authorities to:

  • Stop the sexual violence and intimidation tactics being perpetrated against women advocating for their rights
  • Properly investigate and fully prosecute any sexual assault whether occurring in public or in private
  • Develop processes for the comprehensive inclusion of women’s voices in all governmental and administrative processes

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