Jordan: Give women equal citizenship rights to men

UPDATE 27 JANUARY 2014: On 12 January 2014, the Government of Jordan gave approval to grant the foreign spouses of Jordanian women and their children certain civil rights, including residence permits and improved access to state medical care facilities, education and work in the private sector. These rights will considerably alleviate the hardships of the affected families, and we urge the government to implement them without delay.

However, as sex discrimination still remains in the Jordanian nationality law, including not giving women the right to pass on their citizenship to their children and foreign spouses, Equality Now continues to call on the government to amend its nationality law to remove such discrimination.

Thank you for your support, and please continue to watch this space for further updates and calls for action.

“(My mother is) Jordanian & her nationality is my right.”

Equality Now has issued an Action calling on Jordanian authorities to amend their Nationality Law to give women equal citizenship rights with men in accordance with Jordan’s international legal obligations.

Under Jordanian Law No.6 of 1954 on Nationality, last amended in 1987, with few exceptions, Jordanian women married to non-Jordanian men cannot transmit their nationality to their husbands or their children. Hardships caused by this prohibition include the fear that children will be taken out of the country by non-Jordanian husbands, leaving women with huge legal difficulties in getting access to them, exploitation by employers of foreign-born men and the inclination to marry off girls at young ages to Jordanians to gain security. Restrictions, such as where children from these unions can work or study, in access to government hospitals and the need to obtain Ministry of the Interior approval to marry, are all contributing to the increased vulnerability of these women and their families.

To combat this law, which does not apply equivalently to Jordanian men and which is negatively impacting the security and livelihood of women married to non-nationals, Nima Habashna founded the campaign “My mother is Jordanian, and her nationality is a right for me.”  Led by Jordanian women married to non-Jordanians and with the support of the Arab Women Organization, Nima is leading a series of sit-ins in front of the Ministry of the Interior and other government offices. Although elections for the new Jordanian parliament are pending, a Cabinet is still operating which has the power to pass a temporary amendment.

Please join us by:

  • Calling on Jordanian government officials to amend the Nationality Law to give Jordanian women the equal right to pass their nationality on to their children and spouses without delay. 
  • Calling on the Minister of the Interior to accelerate governmental efforts to facilitate provision of residence permits to foreign spouses of Jordanian women and access to health and education services for their children, until the Nationality Law is amended.

Letter to King & Prime Minister

King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein

Prime Minister Abdallah El Nsour

Letter to Minister of Interior

Mr. Hussein Al-Majali

To learn more about the campaign & for a list of full contact information for the government officials above, see: