Take Action- Call In Instructions:

Thank you for taking action today with activists across the country! The US House of Represenatitives will vote for the first time on this bill as early as this week. Let Congress know that you’re watching and you won’t fall for phony reform! Together, we will make sure that Congress hears our message. 

Here’s an easy step by step guide for taking action to demand that your representatives oppose the Chemicals in Commerce Act.

1.    Call this number (it’s an automated service that will direct you to your Congressional representative): 1-888-907-6886
2.    Press “1” to find your member of Congress by entering your zip code
3.    Enter the appropriate number to reach your House of Representatives congressperson(s)
4.    When a person or answering service answers, say the following:

“Hi my name is _______ and I am very concerned about toxic chemicals in consumer products, the places we live and work and their impact on my family’s health. I’m calling Representative ___________ to ask him/her to oppose the Chemicals in Commerce Act. We need reform that will protect pregnant women from toxic chemicals, not giveaways for the chemical industry."

5. Thank them for their time and hang up.
6. Make a donation to Breast Cancer Action so that we can continue our work on this critical issue.