Tell Campbell's Soup to stop using BPA in canned food

We recently joined Breast Cancer Fund and to demand that Campbell’s Soup Company stop using bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, in their canned food products. 

Please take action today by signing a petition to Campbell's demanding a response to one key question: What are you doing to phase out BPA in your cans and what safe alternative are you replacing it with?  

Dear Campbell’s Soup Company,

I am concerned that you continue to use canned food packaging lining that contains bisphenol A (BPA), an estrogenic chemical linked to breast cancer. Canned foods cost less than fresh and organic foods. While some of us are able to afford organic or BPA-free canned foods, thousands of us are exposed to BPA on a daily basis, especially those living on limited incomes who neither have the money nor access to fresh, affordable produce. The onus to ensure our canned food is safe does not lie with me; it rests with you, the manufacturer.

I want to know: What are you doing to phase BPA out of your cans and what safe alternative are you replacing it with?

Removing BPA from your canned food packaging will decrease the public’s exposure to this dangerous chemical, which, in turn, will decrease the risk of breast cancer and other diseases linked to BPA. You don’t have to use BPA in your packaging. Put our health first and eliminate BPA from your cans.
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