Demand Real Chemical Safety Rules 

A bill the US Senate is now considering would leave American families unprotected from toxic chemicals.

Our communities deserve reform of federal chemical safety laws that will truly work for our families. But the petrochemical industry’s powerful fat cats couldn’t be happier about the bill the Senate is considering, the Chemical Safety Improvement Act (CSIA).

The petrochemical industry representatives are the same people who say that pesticides are safe on our children’s food, hormone-altering chemicals are harmless, toxic flame-retardant chemicals belong in items that babies crawl on, and a little asbestos never hurt anyone.

The truth is, the Chemical Safety Improvement Act (CSIA), as drafted, would fail to protect children’s health. In fact, the bill actually takes steps backwards that could invalidate critical health protections that CEH has won for children and families.

That’s why CEH is calling on the Senate to amend the CSIA to include common-sense protections we all care about, such as adequately reviewing the safety of chemicals before unleashing those chemicals on people. Please write to your senators today and urge them to work with CEH to strengthen the Chemical Safety Improvement Act.

Thank you for standing up for children’s health!