The Pepsi Challenge? Cancer-Causing Ingredient Found in Pepsi Products Nationwide – Except California!

If you live in California, Coke and Pepsi products are made without 4-MEI, a chemical known to cause cancer. But in testing of cola products from ten states, CEH found high levels of 4-MEI in ALL Pepsi cola products, while 9 out of ten Coke products were found without 4-MEI problems.*

More than a year ago both companies stated they would clean up their ingredients. Our testing shows Coke has changed - and now Pepsi says that their products will also be made without 4-MEI, but not until next February!

Urge Pepsi to clean up its act! Tell CEO Indra Nooyi that you want safer soda, not Pepsi with a cancer-causing chemical!

*See our chart showing the coke and pepsi results.