Yes, I pledge to be an Endangered Species Advocate! I'll speak out in my community to help defend one of our nation's most treasured and valuable laws and the wildlife it protects.

Despite widespread public support for the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the protection of our nation's disappearing wildlife and wild places, some in Congress are trying to weaken the act and put the species it safeguards at risk. 

As an Endangered Species Advocate, I'll help to defend the Endangered Species Act both online and in my community. I'll pressure my elected officials to both protect the ESA from legislative attack and to use it fully to defend our nation's threatened and endangered species. By taking action online, meeting with Congressional Representatives, writing letters to the editor and participating in species-saving off-line actions in my community, I will help to make sure that both the Endangered Species Act and the wildlife and wild places it protects will remain intact for future generations.