Conservative Student Journal Found Guilty of Harassment

Tufts University earned its Red Alert status by finding that The Primary Source (TPS), a conservative student newspaper, violated the school's harassment policy by publishing two satirical articles. TPS had published a satirical Christmas carol entitled "O Come All Ye Black Folk," which sparked controversy on campus because it harshly lampooned race-based admissions. Although TPS published an apology, a Tufts student filed harassment charges against the publication. Later, other Tufts students filed harassment charges in response to TPS' piece entitled "Islam-Arabic Translation: Submission," a satirical advertisement during Tufts' "Islamic Awareness Week." The advertisement consisted of factual statements about Islam and Islamic history. The two complaints were consolidated for a hearing before the university's Committee on Student Life, which ruled that TPS violated the university’s harassment policy. Though a prohibition against TPS on publishing anonymous articles was later overturned, the finding of harassment against TPS has been allowed to stand.

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To get off of FIRE’s Red Alert list, Tufts University simply must reverse the finding of harassment against The Primary Source or promise never to punish such speech again. Write Tufts President Anthony P. Monaco and urge him to restore free speech at Tufts today!

President Anthony P. Monaco

Tufts University
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