Tell Congress: Immigrant Latinas Cannot Wait #15Years for Health Care!

The U.S. Senate has revealed its proposal for immigration policy reform. While the bill begins to address the many injustices in our immigration system, it also requires that immigrant women and families coming forward to become citizens wait 15 years or more before they can access affordable health care. During these 15 years, immigrant women and families would be working, paying taxes - and sadly, praying not to get sick or hurt.

Latinas face some of the deepest reproductive health disparities, with alarmingly high rates of cervical cancer and HIV. It is essential that we have access to health care services in a timely manner. We must raise our voices to let them know Latinas cannot wait 15 years for health care!

Please email your Senators TODAY and tell them Latinas need access to health care so that all communities could thrive. Urge them to remove the 5-year delay imposed on immigrant women who qualify for Medicaid and other family support programs and demand that they improve health care options for aspiring citizens.

We know that 15 years is a lifetime to a young person and could mean the difference between life and death for an immigrant Latina suffering from undiagnosed cervical or breast cancer. Current restrictions on access to health care for our immigrant friends and family members are unfair and make our families less healthy. We have to fight back!

Please TAKE ACTION today!