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Raise the Minimum Wage

Imagine working 40 hours a week, but still worrying about putting food on the table - or having to choose between paying your housing bill or your heating bill. Imagine working 40 hours a week and barely making enough to live, let alone save or plan for the future. Imagine working full-time and still being poor with no way out or up. Sadly, millions of Americans don’t have to IMAGINE – this is the reality they face every day.
The road from poor to plenty is long, but raising the minimum wage is an important first step in lifting millions of families out of poverty and giving them a chance at a better life.

The last time the minimum wage was enough to support a family was in 1968.  Lyndon Johnson was president, and a gallon of gas was 34 cents.   Times have changed – and so should wages.
Please join the National Urban League in sending a message to Congress that the time for action is NOW to give millions of working men and women the raise they need.

This petition has a goal of 10000 signatures
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1981 1 month ago Andrea McNeely When we talk about minimum wage, we are talking about a starting point for individuals to step onto the economic playing field. It is obvious to me that in this day and age with steady increases in...
1980 1 month ago Anonymous
1979 2 months ago Robert Saskowski
1978 2 months ago Marlene Goldsmith Our Nations people need to be able to SUPPORT their FAMILIES
1976 3 months ago Cheryl Ledet
1975 3 months ago Carol Patton All people who work should receive compensation that will allow them to support their families adequately and above poverty.
1974 3 months ago Anonymous
1973 3 months ago Andrea Wilson Raising the minimum wage is absolutely necessary! If we truly want to ignite sustainable change in our most vulnerable communities, we have to provide the means for low-income individuals and famil...
1972 4 months ago Chandra Goodwin
1971 4 months ago Corey Michon
1970 5 months ago taifa St. Julien
1969 5 months ago Tina Peery I have worked in retail for more than 30 years as a sales person/cashier etc. and I am a good worker. I received this year (2014) a ten cent (.10) an hour annual review raise.

1 Timothy 5:18
.........the laborer is worthy of his wages.......

James 5:4
..........indeed the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields , which you kept back by fraud, cry out; and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the LORD of Saboath............

Luke 3:14
..........be content with your wages..........

GOD bless
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1968 5 months ago Anonymous simple.. cost of living has tripled; it's time to even the playing ground.. no once in this city of mine can live in a decent environment with an 8.25 pay rate.
1967 5 months ago Anonymous
1966 5 months ago Anonymous It's time to keep up with the rising cost of living across the US. Raising the minimum wage is an important first step in that process.
1965 5 months ago Mark Rudningen We need FDR's 2nd bill of rights now:
The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation;
The right to earn enough to provide adequate food...
1964 6 months ago Veronica Woodson Increasing the minimum wage will only enable every working individual the opportunity to feed their families.
1963 6 months ago Veronica Woodson Increasing the minimum wage will only enable every working individual the opportunity to feed their families.
1962 6 months ago Denise Albritton I support an increase in the minimum wage because every American who works deserves not only the dignity of a paycheck, but the peace of mind knowing that what they earn can support them and their f...
1961 6 months ago Damani Madyun The road to success is paved with many important and significant steps that lead to a more gratifying life for ourselves and our families. An honest days work should be rewarded with an honest days ...
1960 6 months ago Anonymous People who work should be able to support themselves. Currently they cannot do that with the current wages.
1959 6 months ago Anonymous The current minimum wage doesn't provide single adults much less families with enough economic power to support the bare essentials needed day to day.
1958 6 months ago Ebony Hairston
1957 6 months ago Rania Foster So many people are working countless hours and receiving the bare minimum in pay. Which causes them to have to work numerous jobs, and leave their children unattended during this time. Higher pay eq...
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