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Raise the Minimum Wage

Imagine working 40 hours a week, but still worrying about putting food on the table - or having to choose between paying your housing bill or your heating bill. Imagine working 40 hours a week and barely making enough to live, let alone save or plan for the future. Imagine working full-time and still being poor with no way out or up. Sadly, millions of Americans don’t have to IMAGINE – this is the reality they face every day.
The road from poor to plenty is long, but raising the minimum wage is an important first step in lifting millions of families out of poverty and giving them a chance at a better life.

The last time the minimum wage was enough to support a family was in 1968.  Lyndon Johnson was president, and a gallon of gas was 34 cents.   Times have changed – and so should wages.
Please join the National Urban League in sending a message to Congress that the time for action is NOW to give millions of working men and women the raise they need.

This petition has a goal of 10000 signatures
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Number Date Name Tell us why raising the ...
1940 1 hour ago Gwendolyn Osborne Raising the minimum wage is important to me and my community because everyone needs to be able to afford the necessities in life and a few luxuries.
1939 3 hours ago Denise Lassen Because is just the right thing to do!
1938 7 hours ago Stephanie Terry
1937 7 hours ago Mary Goodwin NYC is in the midst of a crisis. Available affordable housing is non-existent and food and living expenses are steadily on the rise. When someone working two minimum wage jobs is still making too ...
1936 8 hours ago Sarita Fann Because there are too many working to keep this country going by going to work daily and barely living. How can we continue live off the backs of the hard worker living in Poverty.
1935 9 hours ago eddie bostic well alot of minorities are faced with being able to find emplyment and when we do some lack the educuational background to sustain financial grotwth but we are dedicated and we work hard. and we ne...
1934 13 hours ago Anonymous Raising the minimum wage is important to me and my community because I believe when people are working and earning a decent wage, it can decrease crime in the community.
1933 15 hours ago Donna Alexander Because in my community there are hundreds of Americans who work hard in low-paying jobs and they truly, truly deserve a break!!!
1932 20 hours ago Edna Ave.ino Its important because I have 3 teenage boys so they can save for college. As college tuition goes up, minimum wages should go up also.
1931 21 hours ago Dorian Daniels Its important to providing jobs that adequately provides wages for all people to gain the resources need to improve life.
1930 22 hours ago Arletha Miller As Americans, we should be able to sufficiently support our families with our wages. The term "working poor" should not be the reality of hard working Americans.
1929 22 hours ago Ty Schwoeffermann Dear Mr President,

As a teenager I worked for a minimum wage. It was hard for to live off the funds I earned. I had to live minimally. There are many adults out there that work for a min...
1928 23 hours ago Priscilla Jackson So wages increase more in line with rising costs
1927 1 day ago Anonymous I have been unemployed since September 12, 2012. I was employed for 15 years prior. I'm in real jeopardy of losing my home, which I built in 2005. I worked two jobs to save the money to purchase ...
1926 1 day ago Emanuel Sargent
1925 1 day ago Diane thomas We are all part of this great nation and we all want to make it better by working hard to help our fellow man grow and prosper. When our fellow man thinks only of self and becomes greedy we stop b...
1924 1 day ago Anonymous Because everyone that is making a positive contribution to our communities deserves a right to live and enjoy the fruits of their labor
1923 1 week ago shanae parker I believe it is important to do because now the legal full time employee hours are now 30 hrs/week. So 7.85x30=235.50x2=471. At this rate new developments and rent rising for the demand.(cant af...
1922 1 week ago Anonymous Everyone willing and capable of working deserves to earn a liveable wage. No worker should ever have to go to work everyday and still have to rely on govt. support to meet the essential needs of th...
1921 1 week ago Anonymous Because we experiencing higher living expenses, monthly bills etc
1920 1 week ago Helen Bradley It will provide a better living and reduce the exhaust of community resources. Boost morale and give purpose to preserving communities. Lastly provide security and promote healthy family living.
1919 3 weeks ago Anonymous Working full time and not being able to make ends meet is completely UNACCEPTABLE and this needs to change!!!
1918 4 weeks ago robert jackson
1917 1 month ago Iesha Smith The cost of living in Memphis is increasing, and the amount of good paying jobs is decreasing. Raising children on this wage is impossible--of which the government is aware. The state of the African...
1916 1 month ago Anonymous Raising a family on minimum wage is impossible. Most jobs that are min wage don't allow for full time hours, which even more compounds the issue of having enough to get by.
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