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Raise the Minimum Wage

Imagine working 40 hours a week, but still worrying about putting food on the table - or having to choose between paying your housing bill or your heating bill. Imagine working 40 hours a week and barely making enough to live, let alone save or plan for the future. Imagine working full-time and still being poor with no way out or up. Sadly, millions of Americans don’t have to IMAGINE – this is the reality they face every day.
The road from poor to plenty is long, but raising the minimum wage is an important first step in lifting millions of families out of poverty and giving them a chance at a better life.

The last time the minimum wage was enough to support a family was in 1968.  Lyndon Johnson was president, and a gallon of gas was 34 cents.   Times have changed – and so should wages.
Please join the National Urban League in sending a message to Congress that the time for action is NOW to give millions of working men and women the raise they need.

This petition has a goal of 10000 signatures
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1966 18 hours ago Anonymous It's time to keep up with the rising cost of living across the US. Raising the minimum wage is an important first step in that process.
1965 5 days ago Mark Rudningen We need FDR's 2nd bill of rights now:
The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation;
The right to earn enough to provide adequate food...
1964 5 days ago Veronica Woodson Increasing the minimum wage will only enable every working individual the opportunity to feed their families.
1963 5 days ago Veronica Woodson Increasing the minimum wage will only enable every working individual the opportunity to feed their families.
1962 5 days ago Denise Albritton I support an increase in the minimum wage because every American who works deserves not only the dignity of a paycheck, but the peace of mind knowing that what they earn can support them and their f...
1961 7 days ago Damani Madyun The road to success is paved with many important and significant steps that lead to a more gratifying life for ourselves and our families. An honest days work should be rewarded with an honest days ...
1960 1 week ago Anonymous People who work should be able to support themselves. Currently they cannot do that with the current wages.
1959 1 week ago Anonymous The current minimum wage doesn't provide single adults much less families with enough economic power to support the bare essentials needed day to day.
1958 1 week ago Ebony Hairston
1957 1 week ago Rania Foster So many people are working countless hours and receiving the bare minimum in pay. Which causes them to have to work numerous jobs, and leave their children unattended during this time. Higher pay eq...
1956 1 week ago KAYLA MCDONALD Because it affects close friends and family.
1955 1 week ago Kathy Johnson Working in the Human Services sector with the low income, generational poverty families for over 10 years, and having been a single mother of 3 for over 20+ years, we all have a right to work and li...
1954 1 week ago Lynn Preston To raise the quality of life. To help people pay for food and rent. To give a person of selfwork and self sufficent.
1953 2 weeks ago LaShawn Jackson Raising the minimum wage is important due to the raising costs of rent and food, how can anyone improve their livelihood, working for low-wage and not being able to access the amenities that above w...
1952 2 weeks ago John Larry Raising the minimum wage is important to me and my community because the cost of living continues to rise. If the cost of living continues to rise without the minimum wage rising, people in my commu...
1951 3 weeks ago Anonymous It's making me prioritize between working and going to school and I know that education is more important.
1950 3 weeks ago Anonymous Because my pay every week is going to Bill paying I just can't seem to get ahead..I have a family that consist of five grandchildren every extra cent counts..I'm really struggling to stay afloat and...
1949 3 weeks ago Johnnie Geathers Every time I get paidm it goes away in a blink of an eye due to bills. Never can have money for myself. Each check goes to bills.
1948 3 weeks ago Daphne SneD
1947 3 weeks ago Anonymous I am a single parent of two. I feel as I work just to be broke. After paying bills, its hard to just give my kids what they need or want. I don't want them to grow up watching other kids feeling lik...
1945 3 weeks ago M A Everyone should make a wage that allows them to live a decent life!
1944 3 weeks ago Erika Isabell It is important because in order to have a quality of life minimum wage needs to increase as the cost of living goes up. Insurance premiums, gas, rent, clothes. Everything goes up yearly except inco...
1943 4 weeks ago Odettee Rivera The Cost of Living has drastically gone up, therefore, the minimum wage should be increased to match the present cost of living!
1942 4 weeks ago Anonymous
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