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Tell EPA: Take nuclear support out of proposed carbon rule

November 5, 2014 Update: Comment period extended until December 1, 2014. Keep those comments rolling in and help spread the word!

As you surely know, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a new rule to reduce carbon emissions from electric power plants. The fossil fuel industry and a growing cadre of climate change deniers who now control the U.S. Congress are lobbying fiercely to defeat this proposal. We need to let the EPA know that we support a major reduction in carbon emissions--indeed even greater reductions than the proposal now includes.

But as proposed, the rule also includes unnecessary and counterproductive support for existing and uneconomic nuclear reactors and provides encouragement for construction of new nuclear reactors as well.

These provisions must be removed from the final rule. Your action is essential to achieve this goal.

Please submit your comments to the EPA below, urging the agency to increase its carbon reduction targets, but to remove all support for nuclear power from the final version of its Clean Power Plan.

Please feel free to add your own comments and concerns to the sample comment language provided (some additional talking points are available here in pdf format).  However, to ensure that the comments will be properly considered, the subject line of the comment submission cannot be changed.

Everyone everywhere can take part in this action. Because your comments may be posted by the EPA online, please do not include your phone number or street address.

Please share this action page by using the share buttons at the top of this page before submitting your comments.