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Help close dangerous Indian Point nuclear reactors

July 18, 2013

The recent shutdown of the San Onofre reactors following a concerted campaign from our friends at Friends of the Earth, the Nuclear Free California network and countless local groups and dedicated activists should give us all hope.

Grassroots action DOES work!

But we can't stop with San Onofre...So let's continue by closing Indian Point, where two reactors sit just 25 miles from New York City! A nuclear accident at Indian Point could affect some 17 million people and basically destroy the entire economy of the United States. It would take years, probably decades to recover. We all have a stake in this fight.

And this fight is winnable. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo supports the permanent shutdown of Indian Point. Our role is to show support for this position--not only from New Yorkers, but from across the country and world--and to keep up the pressure on him to take every step possible to close Indian Point as quickly as possible.

Our friends at Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition have prepared a letter to Gov. Cuomo they're asking everyone everywhere to send. You can do it below, and we hope you will now. And then please ask all your friends and colleagues to send a letter too.

Let's make San Onofre the rule, not the exception. Let's start closing these deadly nuclear reactors all across the country. With your support, we can do it. Let's start now at Indian Point.

Notes: everyone can participate in this action. Please use the icons above to post this action page on social networking sites before sending your letter. You will also have the opportunity to e-mail a link to this action page after you send your letter.

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