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Stop Mobile Chernobyl; No Fukushima Freeways!

Here’s the nuclear power industry’s plan to deal with the ever-growing problem of deadly radioactive waste piling up at nuclear reactors: get it off their sites and send tens of thousands of hot casks on America’s highways and railways to one or more “temporary” unprotected sites located anywhere but on their property.

Sound like a serious plan? Of course not.
But some in Congress like the idea and are pushing to include that plan as part of an overhaul of the nation’s radioactive waste laws.

Please sign the petition below to tell Congress that “centralized interim storage” of radioactive waste—and the accompanying and completely unnecessary risk of a Mobile Chernobyl—is unacceptable. We need a permanent solution, not Fukushima Freeways.

Nothing New
The nuclear industry’s plan is nothing new. In fact, it’s the same plan they came up with 20 years ago, when NIRS first coined the term “Mobile Chernobyl.” The public rose in opposition, and President Clinton vetoed an “interim” storage bill passed by Congress. The Senate upheld his veto.

Now we have to do it again, and people power will make the difference. Please sign the petition below.

And if you’d like more background information, visit our Mobile Chernobyl website here.

Notes: Everyone everywhere can sign this petition. It will be printed and hand-delivered to Members of the U.S. Congress. Please use the Share Icons above to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites, before you sign the petition. Feel free to add your own comments to the petition.

1-25 of 5987 signatures
Number Date Name Location
5987 10 months ago Joel Landy Kew Gardens, NY , US
5986 11 months ago Jennifer Davis New York, NY , US
5985 11 months ago wendy dannett new york, NY , US
5984 11 months ago Deidre Moderacki New York, NY , US
5983 11 months ago Beth Jones Monticello, IA , US It's high time we wised up and went GREEN & CLEAN.
5982 11 months ago Lucymarie Ruth Richmond, CA , US
5981 11 months ago Leslie de Taillandier San Francisco, CA , US
5980 11 months ago Jim Murphy Amarillo, TX , US
5979 11 months ago Barbara Murray Alexandria, VA , US
5978 11 months ago Bo Svensson Santa Rosa, CA , US
5977 11 months ago vesta burnett banner elk, NC , US
5976 11 months ago Nancy Williamson San Lorenzo, NM , US
5975 11 months ago Robert Dornfeld Athens, TN , AS
5974 11 months ago lynn manzione athens, GA , US
5973 12 months ago Helene Slavin St. Louis, MO , US
5972 12 months ago Brandy DeFalco Tuscaloosa, AL , US No Nuclear.....ever!
5971 12 months ago Nancy Liela Wallace-Nelson Mendocino, CA , US
5970 12 months ago Georgia Allen Santa Fe, NM , US
5969 12 months ago Madeleine Puleston Weymouth, ot , GB
5968 12 months ago Jeremy Yeakey Spring, TX , US Stop making the lethal waste!!! Moving it doesn't solve the problem of making more of it. This technology is ludicrous! Radioactive for millions of years.
5967 12 months ago Jennifer York Sebastopol, CA , US As the recent train wreck illustrates, transporting nuclear waste via train would be a very serious mistake.
5966 12 months ago Laurie Thomas Carlisle, KY , US Every member of Congress should undergo a mental inquest.
5965 12 months ago Walter Traxel Delavan, WI , US
5964 12 months ago Anonymous Coon Rapids, MN , US
5963 12 months ago Rebecca Riley Columbus, OH , US
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