Thinking Jewishly. Acting Locally.

JUFJ has grown up a lot over the past five years, from a scrappy little group
to a real player in the Jewish and activist communities that can get things done.

Here's an update on where we're at, and our plan for what’s next.

From Strength to Strength:
Strategic Plan, 2013-2015

Our dedicated supporters and activist base are making real change – and we’re hungry for more. Since 2007 we've grown dramatically (see right).

Now that we’ve proven we can make a critical impact, we’ve prepared an ambitious plan to expand over the next three years.

We're creating a 501c4 sister organization, expanding to a new Baltimore chapter and in Northern Virginia, and reinvesting in community building to make sure that all our members can find a home in JUFJ and take action.

Our gratitude to the leaders who contributed their thinking - please read the plan and share your comments!

 Raising the next generation of activists...
Our community has been blessed with lots of babies!

Real equality, and soon, real pay.

Last fall, leaders and volunteers made history by educating 20,000 Montgomery County Jews to vote to protect immigrant and LGBTQ rights. What’s next? On June 2, members chose our next campaign: working with the Raise Maryland coalition to raise the Maryland minimum wage. Contact to get involved.

Washington, D.C.:
Your health or your job?

This spring, our Paid Sick Days campaign powerfully raised the issue around the April 23 Special Election, showing that the District wants this law. Councilmember Barry committed to introducing our bill, Council Chair Phil Mendelson will co-introduce, and a majority of councilmembers pledged support. Learn more and get involved.

 Statues of Liberty, Yearning to Breathe Free.
JUFJ activists visited Congress to rally for immigration reform, May 2013

Our community has grown strong enough to take on
the most challenging issues facing our region – and to win.

We're aiming high and we need your help.

Thank you for thinking Jewishly and acting locally with Jews United for Justice!