Send Martha and her family a letter

Martha Giraldo, along with her mother, Luz Marina Villano—Jose’s wife of 29 years—and her two sisters, Marisel and Gimena, have stood up for human rights and fought for justice for their loved one, Jose. Unfortunately in Colombia that means that their lives are at risk. Martha's uncle, a key witness in Jose's case, was shot in the head just days after the trial began against a Colombian soldier. Gunmen have tried to run her car off the road while pointing their guns at her and sent her a message, indicating they plan to kill her for her human rights work.

But, on March 10, almost five years to the day Jose was killed, an intelligence officer from the Colombian military has been convicted in the killing.

Please take a minute to send Martha and her family a letter marking this important step toward justice, as well as the five year anniversary of her father’s killing. Their struggle will continue, as others responsible for Jose's killing remain free.

Martha Giraldo

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