Stand up for human rights in Honduras!

Since the June 2009 coup d’état in Honduras, criminalization of human rights defenders in the country has dramatically escalated. The U.S. government continues to fund Honduran police and military forces in the name of the War on Drugs - despite overwhelming evidence that the police and military are routinely involved in violating the human rights of innocent Honduran citizens.

The situation in the indigenous community of Río Blanco is particularly concerning. This community has peacefully mobilized in opposition to the Agua Zarca project, a hydroelectric dam in the community of Río Blanco, Intibuca. The dam is a project of the Honduran company DESA and other collaborators. The indigenous community of Rio Blanco contends that the dam is an illegal. In response to the protests, the area has been militarized.

In the wake of this militarization, at least one person has been killed. Additionally, the leaders of the Council of Indigenous and Popular Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), which has been supporting the community of Rio Blanco, have been subject to death threats and intimidation. Berta Cáceres, Aureliano Molina, and Tomás Gomez Membreño have been persecuted by the state of Honduras for their work defending these communities. An order for arrest has been issued for both Berta and Aureliano - and Tomás is subject to restrictive measures.

Please take action below to call on your members of Congress to stand up for human rights in Honduras.