Obama: Stand for Immigrant Rights!

Please add your name to this important petition on immigrant rights and immigration reform.

Dear President Obama,

Comprehensive immigration reform is essential for a strong, sustainable economy and we need it now more than ever. We call for:

• Policies that prioritize human rights, labor rights, and access to healthcare, regardless of immigration status.
• The provision of clear and non-discriminatory pathways to citizenship, residency, and transnational mobility.
• The termination of policies that force local police to become immigration officials, eroding trust between immigrants and security forces.
• The repeal of legislation that fosters discrimination based on language, skin color or any other reason.
• The prevention of for-profit detention corporations from drafting anti-immigrant legislation and/or lobbying on behalf of punitive legislation.
• An end to raids and deportations that separate families, disrupt communities, and have widespread economic consequences.

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