Coal Mining Giants: Stop the Abuses in Colombia

Hold Drummond Coal (CEO Garry Drummond pictured above) and Goldman Sachs accountable for corporate abuses in Colombia!

In January 2013, U.S. corporations wreaked havoc in Colombia:

Two years after the Colombian Ministry of Environment ruled Colombia Natural Resources (CNR) and Alabama's Drummond Company must relocate communities in the shadow of their coal mines, the companies still have not carried out the relocations. And today, one of these communities, El Hatillo, is experiencing a humanitarian and food security crisis, according to the community and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Tell the U.S. Embassy that 129 families, including 350 children, 264 women, and 57 elderly residents, are facing a food shortage that has reached a crisis level and that this is an unacceptable and avoidable consequence of U.S. corporations' coal extraction in Colombia.

On January 13th, Drummond Coal dumped 2,000 tons of coal into the Caribbean as if it were business as usual. After perpetrating this environmental disaster, high level Drummond officials were withholding information about the event, and still have not made a statement about rectifying this environmental tragedy.

The mine owned in part by Goldman Sachs subsidiary CNR, La Francia, forced an illegal work stoppage on workers to frustrate an approaching union-led collective bargaining negotiation. Call on the U.S. Embassy to hold this U.S. company accountable for its flagrant violation of the provisions in the Colombia-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, and of Colombian law. 

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