Take Action: Stand with injured GM Workers in Colombia

The association of injured workers, who were fired by General Motors when their bodies were disabled and could no longer perform manual labor, went on strike in 2011, setting up a make-shift camp outside of the U.S. Embassy in Colombia. After almost 500 days without justice, despite mediation attempts, some workers began a hunger strike by sewing their mouths shut on Nov. 20. They need justice now and you can help!

The fired workers, unable to find work elsewhere, call on GM to meet their simple demands: reintegration into the workforce and medical care or a just financial settlement. 

They earn no income and have no means of supporting their families. 

In August, actions by the workers and solidarity actions in the U.S. coordinated by Witness for Peace and others brought GM to the negotiating table. While that attempt at mediation failed on August 31, it proved that we have the power to help these workers and bring GM back to the table.

We've forced GM back to the negotiating table before. And with your help we can do it again. Thank you for joining them in their fight for justice. 

Feel free to edit the content of the letters to Congress, the Secretary of Labor, the U.S. Ambassador to Colombia and GM's President for South America. Scroll all the way to the bottom to send them.

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