UPDATED: Further Action Needed to Protect Lives in Colombia

Join Jani in taking action to protect human rights in Colombia!

In recent weeks we have received numerous calls from Jani Silva, a Colombian community organizer. You may remember Jani. She went to the U.S. and was at the gates of Ft. Benning last year on a Witness for Peace Southwest tour. She invites you to join her in taking action because of the dire situation in Putumayo, her home.

Many of you answered Jani's call and took action last month, telling Congress and the U.S. Embassy that the continued the U.S.-backed Colombian military continues to carry out human rights abuses and put civilian lives at risk. Unfortunately, the situation has deteriorated in Putumayo. And we want to ask you to reiterate your concern by sending another message to policymakers today.

The military is intensifying its offensive in the Family Farming Reserve Zone where Jani Silva lives. The military has been firing on civilian houses and a school. And Jani's house was raided.

Thank you for supporting Jani and her community by taking action now!