International LaOnf Solidarity Campaign Supporting Iraqi Nonviolence Activists

LaOnf = NonViolence

Today in Iraq, there is a growing movement of citizens pursuing an end to violence, occupation and corruption through nonviolent means.  LaOnf is a network of Iraqi organizations and individuals, from all religious and ethnic groups, with different ideological and political backgrounds, who have joined together to promote nonviolence as the most effective way to struggle for an independent, democratic, and peaceful Iraq.

LaOnf is neither a political party nor an organization: it is a free gathering of people, and any Iraqi committed to nonviolence is welcome to join. It has a democratic structure composed of elected councils and representatives from each of the 18 governorates (provinces) of Iraq. LaOnf members reject occupation and war as a means to build democracy and establish rule of law: they believe instead in promoting dialogue and a culture of peace.

On the 10th of October 2008, LaOnf members will start their annual campaign, the Iraqi Week of Nonviolence, in which they will advocate through nonviolent action for measures to ensure the freedom and security of Iraqis who will exercise their right to vote during Iraq’s upcoming governorate elections.

As believers in the power of nonviolence and supporters of an independent and democratic Iraq, governed by its people, free of foreign occupation, we, the undersigned, endorse the work of LaOnf and their activities during their Week of Nonviolence.

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