Register here for CCC / ESA Dinner & Dialogue - Aug. 13, 2014

Welcome to the registration page for the Catholic Ecology Dinner and Dialogue session to be held at the Capitol View Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sacramento from 6:30 to 8:00 pm on Wednesday, August 13
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The dinner and dialogue is sponsored by the Catholic Climate Covenant, an organization dedicated to sharing Catholic teaching on climate change and caring for the environment, and the Ecological Society of America (ESA) Environmental Justice Section.  It builds upon ESA’s Earth Stewardship focus, calling for interdisciplinary collaboration and a new ethic of environmental citizenship.

During our time together, ecologists and others interested in faith-environment dialogue will learn about the anticipated, ground-breaking encyclical* by Pope Francis on the environment, explore the implications of Catholic perspectives on the environment, and seek ways in which ecologists might collaborate more intentionally with Catholic communities on issues of mutual concern.

In doing so, we hope that participants can benefit from collaboration, advance the understanding of climate change and its impacts and generate greater activity within the faith community born out of a deeper understanding of humankind's place in sustaining and enhancing Earth’s life-support systems.
*Papal encyclicals generally concern themselves with Church teaching and popes write them when they feel they have something important to say about particular topics and how Church teaching informs that topic. Although they are not at the level of infallibility, i.e., a Church teaching not subject to debate, they are considered highly authoritative and are to be taken seriously by the faithful.  The root word in “encyclical” comes from the Greek word for “circle,” indicating that it is to be circulated among the people.  Generally, encyclical letters are addressed to all the faithful but can be addressed just for bishops or bishops of a particular country or region.  

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