Schwarzenegger Sides with Animal Abusers, Vetoes Critical Pro-Animal Legislation

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently opted to veto AB 243, a bill that provides broader forfeiture options for animals seized in animal abuse cases, as well as mandating post-conviction possession ban orders (no owning, maintaining, having custody of, residing with, or caring for any animal) for people convicted of animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment.

In his veto statement regarding AB 243, Schwarzenegger tried to justify his action by stating that making such a ban "mandatory could unjustly impact individuals who make a living working with or caring for animals." Yet, the final bill passed by the Legislature specifically provides that those whose livelihoods involved livestock could be fully exempted from any such restrictions, and contains another provision which allows defendants to petition the court for a reduction in the duration of any ordered ban upon meeting certain requirements. In other words, AB 243 provides the courts with plenty of discretion on the imposition and length of any possession ban ordered.

What is perhaps most striking about Schwarzenegger’s decision to veto is that AB 243 was sponsored by law enforcement (the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office) and received overwhelming bi-partisan support in both chambers of the Legislature, illustrated by the final votes of 74-0 in the Assembly and 28-4 in the Senate.

Taking the Governor at his word, what his veto suggests is a shocking lack of understanding, or just plain ignorance, of the actual language of the bill. But whether through ignorance or intent, Schwarzenegger’s decision to side with the interests of convicted animal abusers over the interests of California’s abused animals (and the constituents who love them) is certainly reproachable.

Take Action!
The Legislature has one more chance to fix Schwarzenegger's blunder – by overriding his veto when they return to session in January 2010. It is vitally important for Californians to contact their legislators and ask them to fix Schwarzenegger's senseless actions. Remind them that justice for abused animals is what is important, and that while animals don't vote, those who love them definitely do.

This action is no longer active. To view the current list of our active campaigns click here

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