Dog Dragged to Death from a Bicycle

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(Carter County, Okla.) On March 17, Antonio Ray, 37, allegedly dragged a pit bull from his bicycle through the Ardmore, Oklahoma city streets. Many witnesses called police, and one took a picture of the incident using his cell phone. A witness described the horrifying scene, “[The dog’s] arms were behind it, its chest was on the ground and there were streaks of blood. And we went back afterwards and measured it, four-tenths of a mile he dragged this dog. The pads of its feet were gone and it was laying in a pool of blood." Authorities took the tortured dog to a nearby animal shelter, but he died before he could be treated.

Police arrested Ray and charged him with animal cruelty. A police press release details the incident. Court records show Ray has a history of domestic abuse, drug offenses, weapons offenses and DUI.

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Please write a polite letter to Assistant District Attorney Brad Noland, thanking him for charging Ray with felony animal cruelty and encouraging him to seek the maximum penalty upon conviction.

Locals may support the prosecution by attending court proceedings. A trial date is currently scheduled for October 27, 2009 at 9 a.m. Always contact the Court to confirm court dates as they are subject to change. To check the status of a court date, call:

Carter County Court House
#20 B Street SW Suite 304, Third Floor
Ardmore, Oklahoma 73401
Phone: 580-223-3803
Case #CF-09-00130

March 03, 2015

Please seek the maximum penalty against Antonio Ray

Dear Assistant District Attorney Noland

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You may also mail or fax a letter to:
Brad Noland, Assistant District Attorney
20th Judicial District
#20 B Street SW, Second Floor
Ardmore, OK 73401
Fax: 580-221-5504

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