Protect Your State's Animal Welfare Standards!

We urgently need your help to stop a very serious threat to animal protection standards nationwide.

Animal foe Steve King R-IA, recently added a potentially devastating amendment to the U.S. Farm Bill––one that outrageously would prevent states from setting their own animal welfare & food safety standards! By forbidding states from applying safety & welfare regulations to products that originate outside the state, the King Amendment immediately would end the California Foie Gras ban, jeopardize child nutritional requirements, and nullify CA's Prop 2 & other ballot initiatives where voters have spoken to demand better treatment for the animals whose products are sold within their own state borders (such as Florida & Arizona’s law banning gestation crates, Michigan’s law banning veal crates, and California’s law banning battery cages).

This is THAT serious. It even could roll back puppy mill regulations & reverse America’s 6-year ban on slaughtering horses for food.

However, there is hope! Representatives Denham (R-CA) & Schrader (D-OR) have teamed up this week to introduce a bi-partisan amendment that would strip the deadly King Amendment out of the Farm Bill and replace it with common-sense regulations that increase the welfare & treatment of egg-laying hens.

Make a Call!

Please call your U.S. Representative by filling out the form below to get their phone number, and urge support of the Denham-Schrader Amendment (an alternate phone lookup is here). You can simply say:

"As a concerned constituent I'm calling to urge you to support the Denham-Schrader Farm Bill Amendment because I want animals to be protected from cruel conditions and my family to be protected from unsafe foods."

The House Farm Bill could come up for a vote any day now, so please don’t delay. Fill out the form below to send a follow-up email to your representative.


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