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Protect Animals From Corporate Greed

Animal abuse, food safety violations, and illegal working conditions are rampant on factory farms. To hide these crimes, mega-corporations that control most of our food production are attempting to pass ag gag laws which make it illegal to photograph or videotape at agricultural facilities, or to possess or distribute such evidence. These laws attempt to silence the spread of information, and hide the truth about outrageous violations of the law. Don’t be fooled by rhetoric—the truth is: these laws aim to restrict our ability to collect evidence of criminal misconduct.

Documenting abuse is crucial to providing legal protections for animals on factory farms. Yet ag gag laws are spreading like wildfire. Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, Iowa, Utah, and Missouri already have variations of ag laws already on the books. Between 2011-2012, 10 states introduced ag gag bills, including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Utah. In 2013, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Vermont, and Wyoming successfully introduced ag gag legislation, and many other state legislatures are poised to do the same.

You can help prevent mega-corporations from passing laws that make undercover investigations of animal abuse a crime. We must not allow lawbreakers to determine the laws. Take action today to protect animals from corporate greed.

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